Our Objectives


EPPSA firmly believes that the solution to the challenges inherent to changing energy needs and ensuring security of supply lies in a balanced energy mix and a plurality of technologies.

EPPSA's main goal is to foster the development and the dissemination of power plant technologies. By conducting this technology research, EPPSA Members promote efficiency and competitiveness in the European energy market. With this in mind, EPPSA seeks to promote the awareness of the positive implications of the technologies concerned.

EPPSA promotes the exchange of experience between the multipliers and the EU, leading to the establishment of European technical rules and standards and participation in their international equivalents. Likewise EPPSA manages the exchange of information and handles queries related to these technologies.

EPPSA cooperates with other organisations, national or international, active in the field of these technologies. EPPSA assists its members in participating in the Research and Development Programmes (R & D) of the EU. To that effect, it shall provide its members with all the information on the applicable EU legislation among others with respect to grants available for R & D Programmes in the field of these technologies.